X Your Ex is a pioneering user friendly app that is based on a revolutionary treatment concept developed by Dr. Ora Golan. The app was designed so that anyone, anywhere, can easily and effectively pinpoint the source of current suffering, ‘defuse’ complicated experiences, and self-heal.

Our voice is our emotional fingerprint. It is both unique and indicative of our individual emotional system. Our voice manifests, in the most intuitive way, the reaction of our emotional system to the content that is voiced. X on Your EX combines in-depth expertise in the field of emotional healing, a track record of years of successful treatment of patients, vast resources, patent pending algorithms and voice analysis, and holistic wisdom to provide an effective, stand-alone solution that is available to everyone, everywhere, without the need to schedule any appointment or visit any clinic.

X Your Ex Will Help You:

– Break free of emotional blocks, hang-ups and thoughts regarding your ex that hold you back;
– Free up your mind, attention and energy to focus on positive emotions in your life;
– Move on to build and manage new relationships;
– Regain your energy and mental strength.

Check it out; you’ll be glad you did!